[tz] Tim Parenti as backup TZ Coordinator?

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Wed May 20 22:03:45 UTC 2020

Tim Parenti's recent emails to the list reminded me that I'd long been 
meaning to nominate him to be my backup as TZ Coordinator. We should 
have a backup in case I am no longer available due to retirement or 
whatever, not that I'm planning to retire any time soon. I would like to 
start by giving him commit privileges to the development repository on 
GitHub, so that his contributions can become part of releases more easily.

Tim has been a longtime and substantial contributor to tzdb, as 
evidenced by his detailed and careful patches. Although he's mostly 
worked in the tzdata area, he's also proficient on the code side, as his 
recent patch proposals demonstrate. He and I have corresponded by email 
about this and he's indicated his willingness to take on the 
responsibility. I'd appreciate reactions to Tim's offer to be backup; 
please respond within the next week.

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