[tz] suggestion: split "backward" into "backward" and "deprecated"

Paul Gilmartin PaulGBoulder at AIM.com
Tue May 5 01:58:42 UTC 2020

On 2020-05-04, at 18:26:22, Andrew Gierth wrote:
> I mean that where the tzcode uses "GMT" as a default zone name or
> abbreviation in the absence of data, FreeBSD uses "UTC" (and has since
> 2004).
> e.g. with no /etc/localtime file,
> % env -u TZ date
> Tue  5 May 2020 00:00:37 UTC
> (To the best of my knowledge there are no reference clocks available to
> which one could synchronize in order to use a mean solar time, so your
> argument seems to me to support this choice.)
Do you mean mean solar time at some arbitrary precise longitude
or mean solar time at the Prime Meridian?  If the latter, is
interpolated UT1 a close enough approximation?:

-- gil

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