[tz] Time zones in conflict areas

Andriy Ivanchenko ivanchenko.andriy at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 17:34:58 UTC 2020

It looks like your base has inadvertently become a hostage to politics.

Theoretically, your point of view should coincide with UN resolutions. It
says that Russia temporarily occupied Crimea. And this territory is still
considered Ukrainian.

You can find evidence on the google => “site:undocs.org crimea occupation”.

I found the following information in your database:

# From Alexander Krivenyshev (2014-03-17):

# time change at 2:00 (2am) on March 30, 2014

# https://vz.ru/news/2014/3/17/677464.html

# From Paul Eggert (2014-03-30):

# Simferopol and Sevastopol reportedly changed their central town clocks

# late the previous day, but this appears to have been ceremonial

# and the discrepancies are small enough to not worry about.

2:00 EU EE%sT 2014 Mar 30 2:00

4:00 - MSK 2014 Oct 26 2:00s

3:00 - MSK

The source of your time change data comes from the occupying country.
Unreliable source.

Can you tell me the reasons for your decision?
And don't you plan to correct this mistake?
Do you have evidence of the legitimacy of the government that changed
the time zone in the conflict area?
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