[tz] Iceland stays put on time zone

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Mon Sep 7 20:22:17 UTC 2020

After more than two years of discussion, Iceland's government decided not to 
move its time zone back to -01, where it was before daylight saving time was 
introduced. Currently Iceland is at +00, effectively permanent DST. Proponents 
of changing back had argued that DST has harmful effects on human health.

To counteract DST's health effects, the government decided instead to launch an 
educational campaign to get Icelanders to sleep more. It is also considering 
monitoring children's sleep habits and starting school days later.


Gréta Sigríður Einarsdóttir, Iceland’s Time Zone to Remain Unchanged. Iceland 
Review. 2020-09-01. 

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