[tz] [IANA #1173666] Time zone change - Yukon Canada

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Thu Sep 24 23:03:35 UTC 2020

Thanks for the heads-up. Although we got the most-important thing right (the UTC 
offset), we got a few details wrong for Yukon. We guessed that Yukon's rule 
change took effect March 8 which meant that since then Yukon observed 
standard-time (-07), which we use "MST" as an abbreviation for, with tm_isdst == 
0. But the act officially takes effect November 1, which means timestamps 
between March 8 and November 1 should follow the old rules and use "PDT" as an 
abbreviation, with tm_isdst == 1.

Most users won't care about this discrepancy as they see neither the alphabetic 
abbreviations nor tm_isdst, but for the few who do care I installed the attached 
proposed patch.

I suppose we should put out a new tzdb release reasonably soon because of this, 
as current timestamps have the "wrong" labels in Yukon.
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