[tz] changing "master" to "main" in tzdb development repository

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Wed Mar 17 01:41:05 UTC 2021

Because the word "master" has negative connotations in English, I 
renamed the "master" branch to "main" in the tzdb development repository 
<https://github.com/eggert/tz>. This follows in the wake of GitHub's 
October change that makes the default branch "main" rather than 
"master", and GitHub's followup changes in January that made renaming 
relatively painless - for example, web requests for "master" are now 
redirected to "main" automatically 
<https://github.com/github/renaming/>. This renaming by GitHub is part 
of a broader change within the Git software ecosystem 

This change affects neither past nor future releases of tzdb. It affects 
only the small number of direct accesses to the development repository 
for commits between releases. The idea is that on balance the small 
inconvenience for developers is outweighed by the advantage in reducing 
insensitivity overall.

If you are a developer with a local clone of the tzdb repository, please 
adjust to this change by running the following shell commands:

$ git branch -m master main
$ git fetch origin
$ git branch -u origin/main main

I've done this for my own local clone of the repository.

To document this change for tzdb newcomers, I installed the attached 
patch to the CONTRIBUTING file just before renaming the branch.
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