[tz] United States Senate reintroduced Sunshine Protection Act, enabling Permanent DST

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Tue Mar 23 07:00:18 UTC 2021

On 2021-03-23 Tue 14:08, John Hawkinson <jhawk at alum.mit.edu>  wrote:

> Amusing quote from the latter:
> Prognosis:  1% chance of being enacted according to Skopos Labs
> This bill has a 1% chance of being enacted.
> Factors considered:
>   The bill's primary sponsor is a Republican. The bill is assigned to the
> House Energy and Commerce committee. The bill's primary subject is Science,
> technology, communications.
> (Factors are based on correlations which may not indicate causation.)
According to my understanding, this prediction is based on the fact that
the House and Senate are currently controlled by a different party from
main members of those who submit the bill, and as that controlling party
often disagree with the interpretation and in past often reject issues
raised by the opposing party on the matter of Science  Technology, and
Communications, the bill jave low chance to pass.
But I don't think Permanent Daylight Saving Time is the sort of traditional
technology and science and communication themed bill that Democrats must
opppse Republican proposals.

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