[tz] time zone history for the Cook Islands - Christmas Day Act 1899

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>     On 2021-03-24 06:02, Paul Eggert via tz wrote:
> >  Proposed patch attached.
>     At this occasion, we should also correct the switch to
>     UT - 10:30 h in 1901. That this is wrong is hardly surprising:
>     on an island without observatory and without telegraphy lines only
>     sundials and the occasional navigation officer of a visiting ship
>     had been available to control clocks in 1901.

It may be more complicated than that. The years around 1900 looks like a
busy time in the history of the Cook Islands – 15 islands spread over 2.2
million sq km (850,000 sq mi) of ocean, 8.5 degrees of longitude and 13
degrees of latitude – which may not have all been in sync. More than one
time zone might be necessary to correctly reflect the ground truth, though
I recognize it's out of the primary scope of tzdb. If a South Pacific
history buff was interested in a project ... :)

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