[tz] [PATCH] Update Crimea country codes in line with UN A/RES/73/263

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Fri Mar 26 00:08:54 UTC 2021

The underlying problem here is any Ubuntu-based software that is still 
using the long-obsolescent zone.tab file, or that cannot handle more 
than one country code in column 1 of the zone1970.tab file. You didn't 
mention what software was involved, but whatever it is I suggest fixing 
it so that your users' problems go away. Any zone.tab-reading software 
should be upgraded anyway (zone.tab has been obsolescent since tzdb 
2014f), and you can use this Crimea issue to motivate any stragglers.

Alternatively, you could install the patch that you proposed into Ubuntu 
downstream, and the Ubuntu developers could then deal with this 
political dispute's fallout in an Ubuntu-specific way. Your call.

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