[tz] TZDB use cases

Hal Murray halmurray+iana at sonic.net
Tue Oct 5 04:25:43 UTC 2021

Stephen Colebourne said:
> So, it turns out that there is, I believe, a critical difference here between
> the US view of timezones and the European one. In the US, timezones do not
> follow the boundary of the whole country, nor even States. In Europe, by
> contrast, timezone boundaries are very much driven by country boundaries. 

There is another interesting difference.  US borders are stable.

Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia have split post 1970.  Did all the pieces retain 
the same TZ info?

I think small regions on the France/German border changed sides after WW 1.  
Are there others?  Anything similar post 1970?

Have any US/state borders changed when rivers changed their course?  If so, do 
any people live in the regions that changed and/or did anything interesting 
happen there?

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