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Hal Murray via tz said:
> I think small regions on the France/German border changed sides after WW 1.  
> Are there others?  Anything similar post 1970?

Wikipedia lists:

1972  The United Kingdom formally annexes Rockall (by the Island of Rockall
Act 1972, declaring it to be part of Scotland).
1974  After an attempted Greek Cypriot coup sponsored by the Greek military
junta of that period, Turkey invades and occupies one-third of Cyprus.
1983  The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is declared but
is not recognised by any country except Turkey.
1990  East Germany reunites with West Germany on October 3.
Transnistria declares independence from the Moldavian SSR but is not
recognised by any country.
1991  Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania restore their independence from Soviet
occupation. With the complete dissolution of the Soviet Union, it is split
up into a further 12 independent states. Slovenia including the former
"zone B" of the Free Territory of Trieste, Croatia, and the Republic of
Macedonia all declare their independence from Yugoslavia.
1992  Bosnia and Herzegovina declares independence from Yugoslavia.
1993  Czechoslovakia is dissolved into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
(There were apparently border adjustments made via a 1996 treaty.)
2003  Lithuania's share of Lake Vištytis increases to about 383 ha
(about 22% from 2.2 %) from a new border treaty with Russia.
2005  A 115.5-hectare Russian area is swapped for an area in the Meremäe
District of Estonia and land in the neighbourhood of the Värska District.
2006  The State Union of Serbia and Montenegro is dissolved; Montenegro and
Serbia each become independent states.
2007  Latvia accepts Russia's control over the Pytalovo district in the Pskov
region in a new border treaty.
2008  Kosovo unilaterally declares independence from Serbia.
2014  Russia annexes Crimea from Ukraine.
2016  Belgium and the Netherlands swap land near Lanaye and Oost-Maarland
over the discovery of a headless body several years prior, which the Belgian
authorities could not access without crossing Dutch territory. The border
has been straightened out and now runs down the centre of the Meuse River.
2020  "While Nagorno-Karabakh remained an internationally recognised
territory of Azerbaijan, the four UN Security Council resolutions, adopted
in 1993 and demanding immediate withdrawal of the Armenian occupying forces
from all occupied regions of Azerbaijan, remained unfulfilled until
2020. In 2020, a new war erupted in the region, which saw Azerbaijan
retake control of most of southern Karabakh (Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Zangilan,
Qubadli, Hadrut districts) and parts of north-eastern Karabakh (Talish,
Madagiz). A trilateral ceasefire agreement signed on 10 November 2020,
ended the war and forced Armenia to return control of all of the remaining
territories surrounding Nagorno-Karabakh."

I have no idea which, if any, of these involved time changes.

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