[tz] Palestine winter time

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Fri Oct 22 07:59:55 UTC 2021

On 10/22/21 00:33, heba.hamad at mtit.gov.ps wrote:

>   please confirm that tzdb release 2021e was officially approved and published

Yes, tzdb release 2021e was published yesterday, and you can now get a 
copy from <https://www.iana.org/time-zones>. Although there is no 
official authority for tzdb in the legal sense 
(<https://data.iana.org/time-zones/tz-link.html#changes> says "The tz 
code and data are by no means authoritative"), 2021e is published and I 
expect that downstream redistributors like Apple and Google will pick it 
up in due course.

Unfortunately this distribution process takes time. I expect that most 
cell phones and other computing devices in Palestine will not be updated 
before winter time begins next week, so they will display the incorrect 
time for a day or more. To avoid similar problems in the future, it 
would be helpful if the Palestinian government could give sufficient 
notice of when daylight-saving changes will occur. 
<https://data.iana.org/time-zones/tz-link.html#changes> recommends a 
year's notice.

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