[tz] Regarding time zone changes in Chile

Juan Correa pottersys at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 16:43:57 UTC 2022

Hello everyone:

A few days ago, I've seen some mails regarding time zone changes, specially
regarding Punta Arenas. I found https://www.horaoficial.cl/historia_hora.php
; a page (with a terrible slider) with more details regarding time zones in

What comes for bringing this page is for 2 points, brought by Alois Treindl
a few weeks ago:

- From January 10, 1910, the Official Time Zone for all of Chile was set to
GMT -5. I've got to check through the exact wording, but it's important to
keep track that legally, all Chile has an uniform common time zone (that,
obviously, started to change from 1916).

- On August 22, 1927, DST was established as "hora oficial de invierno" and
"hora oficial de verano"; jumping from a relative time zone from Lo Espejo
observatory (-4:42:46) to UTC -5 during winter (and GMT -4 during summer).
As there's a decree establishing that, I will request it to share; but
using the same principle, the time zone for all of Chile was standardized
using those 2 time zones (until further notice)

In other matters, I've repeatedly contacted the Ministry of Energy (as Tim
could see ;) ) by Twitter, through their Information Office and now by
telephone, regarding America/Punta_Arenas this saturday. What they just
told me is they have to check the interpretation of the decree (…), as it
says "permanently", but seems everyone skipped the date before that word.
I've also checked Diario Oficial (our legislation gazette) from March 1;
and there is no decree yet. I will try other ways to get as soon as
possible that information.

However, vox populi, everyone is assuming Punta Arenas (and Magallanes)
will keep UTC -3; so I think it was a sensible assumption back in the day

Juan Correa Poblete
PS Labs (http://www.pslabs.cl)
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