[tz] Change Request: Europe/Kiev to Europe/Kyiv

John Haxby john.haxby at oracle.com
Thu Mar 17 15:15:33 UTC 2022

> On 17 Mar 2022, at 00:13, Paul Eggert via tz <tz at iana.org> wrote:
>> Doing the same "sanity" search today as you @eggert did 2y ago, I can see
>> 98M for Kyiv and 97M for Kiev (google.com, UK). Is it enough now?
> That's getting closer, yes. When the time-change uproar dies down (Palestine, maybe Iran?) it may be a good time to revisit this.

I've been wondering that myself.  Anyone following recent events on the BBC news and websites will be in no doubt about the spelling pronunciation. I think all the UK press is now using "Kyiv" as well.

Even the local supermarkets are changing: the chicken and garlic dish has been renamed "Chicken Kyiv" (well, Sainsbury's and the Coop, I think).
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