[tz] Unfortunate time zone names in the United States

John R Levine johnl at taugh.com
Thu Mar 17 22:13:32 UTC 2022

>> But it does *not* change section 263.  This means that the official
>> US names of the time zones change, which is really stupid.  Since
>> Hawaii, Samoa, and Guam do not use daylight time, Hawaii will now be in
>> Alaska standard time, Samoa in Hawaii-Aleutian standard time,
>> and Guam in a time zone with no name.
> Not necessarily. Hawaii-Aleutian standard time will become UTC-9. I don't
> know what legislation says what time is used in Hawaii, but if it uses that
> name then time in Hawaii will jump forward one hour on the date the law
> comes into effect.

Hawaii has not observed daylight saving time since war time ended in 1945 
and has been at UTC-10 since they moved from UTC-10:30 in 1947. I am quite 
sure they have no interest in changing their time zone now, and certainly 
not a hour in the wrong direction.  Solar time in Honolulu is about 

Given the lack of debate when the Senate passed this bill, I would be 
surprised if any of the senators understood what they did.

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