[tz] Unexpected last transition in Africa/Casablanca

Kerry Shetline kerry.shetline.com at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 18:20:30 UTC 2022

This image might make the issue clearer: https://i.imgur.com/6PFLDeWh.png

What happened is that what used to be called DST is now considered the standard time for this timezone, and what used to be standard time is now *negative* DST.

> Here are the last transitions in Africa/Casablanca output (rearguard
> format):
> transition,type,[UTC time],[Type offset],[Type isDST]
> 3672612000,1,2086-05-19T02:00:00Z,PT1H,DST
> 3699828000,2,2087-03-30T02:00:00Z,PT0S,STD
> 3703456800,3,2087-05-11T02:00:00Z,PT1H,STD
> So change is from standard to standard, even though offset changes from 0h
> to 1h. Is that expected behaviour?
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