[tz] leap_second.list not updated after latest IERS Bulletin C

Brian Inglis Brian.Inglis at Shaw.ca
Fri Dec 15 22:04:34 UTC 2023

On 2023-12-15 11:55, Paul Eggert via tz wrote:
> On 2023-12-15 01:31, Martin Burnicki wrote:
>> I'm pretty sure they have no problem making the file "public domain" but the 
>> question arises as to what wording should be used to express this in a way 
>> that will be accepted by the TZ DB project.
>> Has anyone ever suggested a formulation that meets the requirement of the TZDB 
>> project, and told them why this was a requirement?

> Yes, I suggested some wording in an email archived here:
> https://mm.icann.org/pipermail/tz/2016-February/023214.html
> The wording was:
> #      This file is in the public domain.
> and there was some explanation in that email. I vaguely recall corresponding 
> with them directly around then, but don't remember details.
> It sounds like you have better connections and so perhaps you could forward this 
> email to them.
> While we're on the topic, a few more suggestions:
> * It'd be helpful if the file did not contain trailing white space, as that 
> raises some red flags in some text editors and version control systems.
> * The phrase "see the README file in the 'sources' directory" should be reworded 
> so that the file can stand alone, e.g., by replacing it with the phrase "see 
> <https://hpiers.obspm.fr/iers/bul/bulc/ntp/sources/README>".
> * The file should suggest the more-secure HTTPS protocol instead of the 
> less-secure FTP protocol.
> Proposed patch attached (this patch does not recompute the hash code).

The hash code is computed over only the numeric data content comprised of delta 
TAI offsets and NTP timestamps including those for validity and expiry in 
flagged comments, so is unchanged.
This hash could also do with being upgraded and augmented for backward 
compatibility by possibly detached sha2/sha3 sum and/or gpg2 signature.

My off list comments were made to ObsPM regarding C 50 2015-07 and we all 
commented on list regarding C 51 2016-01.

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