[tz] [PROPOSED 18/18] New tzselection option ‘now’

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Wed Dec 20 17:59:43 UTC 2023

On 2023-12-20 09:41, Tim Parenti wrote:
> One drawback of this approach is that such lines will need to be merged
> into the appropriate long-term zonenow entry after the date listed.

That shouldn't be a problem in this particular case. After the date 
listed, the comment line and associated data line should simply vanish. 
There should then be no need to alter the comment line or comments 
column for the America/Nuuk ("most of Greenland") line, since 
Ittoqqortoormiit is in "most of Greenland".

The main reason there's a comment with a date now, is to remind us to 
remove the comment and the associated data line then. (This is belt and 
suspenders as "make check" should also remind us.)

You're right that it is an issue in the general case when data lines are 
removed (or added) in zonenow.tab. That's why zonenow.tab is a separate 
file. Although I originally wanted to calculate zonenow.tab 
automatically, there was too much human judgment in its "comments" column.

Thanks for catching the typo. I have more typo fixes on the way....

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