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On 2023-12-19 19:35, АПС АКУЛОВ via tz wrote:
> 20.12.2023 08:34, L. David Baron пишет:
>> On Tuesday 2023-12-19 11:04 -0800, Paul Eggert via tz wrote:
>>> -# From Lee Hotz (2001-03-08):
>>> -# I queried the folks at Columbia who spent the summer at Vostok and this is
>>> -# what they had to say about time there:
>>> -# "in the US Camp (East Camp) we have been on New Zealand (McMurdo)
>>> -# time, which is 12 hours ahead of GMT. The Russian Station Vostok was
>>> -# 6 hours behind that (although only 2 miles away, i.e. 6 hours ahead
>>> -# of GMT). This is a time zone I think two hours east of Moscow. The
>>> -# natural time zone is in between the two: 8 hours ahead of GMT."

>> One observation about this 22-year-old quote:  New Zealand (then and
>> now) observed summer time for roughly half of the year, so "which is
>> 12 hours ahead of GMT" was only correct for the southern hemisphere
>> winter; in the summer New Zealand was 13 hours ahead.
>> If the observation of a 6 hour difference between McMurdo and Vostok
>> was in the southern hemisphere summer while New Zealand was on
>> summer time, that observation could be consistent with Vostok
>> observing UTC+7 at the time.

> Let me comment these comments too.
>  >+# From Craig Mundell (1994-12-15):
>  >+# http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/antarctica/QA/computers/Directions,Time,ZIP
>  >+# Vostok, which is one of the Russian stations, is set on the same
>  >+# time as Moscow, Russia.
> See, the wintering team made Vostok time synchronized with MSK time, that is 
> convenient for communications with AARI.
> Two years ago I thought over an idea to change Vostok timezone to MSK but I 
> refused that as TV news program wouldn't stream at our lunch time anymore. That 
> time we had an only TV channel, now we have four.
>  >If the observation of a 6 hour difference between McMurdo and Vostok was in 
> the southern hemisphere summer while
>  >New Zealand was on summer time, that observation could be consistent with 
> Vostok observing UTC+7 at the time.
> I told I change Vostok timezone for comfortable communications with Progress 
> base that is the center of Russian Antarctic logistics.
> Years ago the center of our logistics was Mirny base — sledge convoys and 
> aviation started from there. Have a look at Mirny's timezone: 
> https://www.aari.ru/ekspeditsii/rossiyskaya-antarkticheskaya-ekspeditsiya-(rae)/mirnyy
> It is UTC+7.

Below shows the currently defined Antarctic manned bases and stations.
Are there others you know of which are used and should be added, e.g Progress, 
Mirny, and do you have links to their time practices and population numbers and 

This might mean that we define Mirny UTC+7 and Progress UTC+5 rules and/or zones 
with Vostok switching between them.

$ grep Antarctica/ {a*a,zone*.tab,back????} | sort -t/ -k2
zone1970.tab:#@AQ       Antarctica/
zone1970.tab:# For example, the comment "#@AQ<tab>Antarctica/" means the country 
backward:Link   Pacific/Auckland        Antarctica/McMurdo
backward:Link   Pacific/Auckland        Antarctica/South_Pole
antarctica:Zone Antarctica/Casey         0      -       -00     1969
zone.tab:AQ     -6617+11031     Antarctica/Casey        Casey
zone1970.tab:AQ -6617+11031     Antarctica/Casey        Casey
antarctica:Zone Antarctica/Davis        0       -       -00     1957 Jan 13
zone.tab:AQ     -6835+07758     Antarctica/Davis        Davis
zone1970.tab:AQ -6835+07758     Antarctica/Davis        Davis
backzone:Zone Antarctica/DumontDUrville 0 -     -00     1947
zone.tab:AQ     -6640+14001     Antarctica/DumontDUrville       Dumont-d'Urville
australasia:Zone Antarctica/Macquarie 0 -       -00     1899 Nov
zone.tab:AU     -5430+15857     Antarctica/Macquarie    Macquarie Island
zone1970.tab:AU -5430+15857     Antarctica/Macquarie    Macquarie Island
antarctica:Zone Antarctica/Mawson       0       -       -00     1954 Feb 13
zone.tab:AQ     -6736+06253     Antarctica/Mawson       Mawson
zone1970.tab:AQ -6736+06253     Antarctica/Mawson       Mawson
backzone:Link Antarctica/McMurdo Antarctica/South_Pole
backzone:Zone Antarctica/McMurdo        0       -       -00     1956
zone.tab:AQ     -7750+16636     Antarctica/McMurdo      New Zealand time - 
McMurdo, South Pole
zone.tab:AQ     -6448-06406     Antarctica/Palmer       Palmer
zone1970.tab:AQ -6448-06406     Antarctica/Palmer       Palmer
antarctica:# See 'southamerica' for Antarctica/Palmer, since it uses South 
American DST.
backward:Link   Pacific/Port_Moresby    Antarctica/DumontDUrville
backward:Link   Asia/Riyadh             Antarctica/Syowa
antarctica:Zone Antarctica/Rothera      0       -       -00     1976 Dec  1
zone.tab:AQ     -6734-06808     Antarctica/Rothera      Rothera
zone1970.tab:AQ -6734-06808     Antarctica/Rothera      Rothera
backzone:Zone Antarctica/Syowa  0       -       -00     1957 Jan 29
zone.tab:AQ     -690022+0393524 Antarctica/Syowa        Syowa
antarctica:Zone Antarctica/Troll        0       -       -00     2005 Feb 12
zone.tab:AQ     -720041+0023206 Antarctica/Troll        Troll
zone1970.tab:AQ -720041+0023206 Antarctica/Troll        Troll
backward:Link   Asia/Urumqi             Antarctica/Vostok
backzone:Zone Antarctica/Vostok 0       -       -00     1957 Dec 16
zone.tab:AQ     -7824+10654     Antarctica/Vostok       Vostok

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