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Patrick.Stergonschegg at orf.at Patrick.Stergonschegg at orf.at
Sun Mar 26 18:32:56 UTC 2023


I just noticed that the Windows time zone for "UTC +03:30 Tehran" is probably being computed incorrectly.

It seems that DST +1 is being added, although Iranian Government announced that they will not switch to DST anymore, beginning in 2023.

Official IR News Agency announcement: http://irna.ir/xjJ3TT

Current Time: https://time.ir

I assume that Microsoft imports IANA time zone data: http://bit.ly/3ZmGzTE

In the file tzdata2023b\asia on line 1625 it says:

3:30 Iran +0330/+0430

I assume the line should be changed and a new line should be added, e.g.:

3:30 Iran +0330/+0430 2022

3:30 - +0330

More ressources:



I am looking forward to any feedback.

Thanks a lot,

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