[tz] Policy Suggestion: Minimum time period betwen releases

Howard Hinnant howard.hinnant at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 16:46:13 UTC 2023

Recent events have brought to my attention the need to put a damper on chaos caused by poor planning.  When governments give little notice to changes in time zone rules, this is not a problem that this group can fix, or should even try.

I propose a minimum period of 30 days between successive IANA tz database releases.  The train leaves the station no more frequently than once every 30 days (and will probably be less frequent).  Whatever information is solid before the release date makes it on the train.  Otherwise it can wait another 30 days (at least).

My recommendation is in part based on this common statement:

    Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part

This week’s chaos isn’t unusual.  In fact it is normal, especially for some countries.  If they can’t be bothered to make a plan in advance and stick with it, I don’t see why this group of volunteers needs to compensate for that.  Let the politicians lie in the beds they make.


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