[tz] Time for a Lunar time zone?

Brian Inglis Brian.Inglis at Shaw.ca
Wed Mar 1 23:55:58 UTC 2023

On 2023-03-01 12:54, Paul Eggert via tz wrote:
> On 2023-03-01 04:18, Tim McBrayer via tz wrote:
>> On the lighter side; we may need to consider going interplanetary.
> Is it interplanetary if it's just the Moon? I had thought that since the 
> barycenter of the Earth–Moon system is under the surface of the Earth, the Moon 
> doesn't count as a separate planet.
> Anyway, thanks for the heads-up; I installed the attached proposed patch to our 
> already-existing section on time zones on other planets (a section that this 
> patch renames).

They and we should look to Antarctica and Mars missions for prior art.

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