[tz] Tzdb and the Sunshine Protection Act

Andreas Schwab schwab at linux-m68k.org
Fri Mar 3 12:03:48 UTC 2023

On Mär 03 2023, Robert Elz via tz wrote:

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>   | On Mr 02 2023, Paul Eggert via tz wrote:
>   |
>   | > If common practice becomes "ET" we couldn't use that, unfortunately,
>   | > as POSIX requires at least three characters.
>   |
>   | When /dst/ is missing, /std/ can be less than 3 bytes.
> What gives you that impression?
> Where it says
> 	The interpretation of these fields is unspecified if either field
> 	is less than three bytes (except for the case when dst is missing),
> it is just allowing for a missing dst field being (obviously) 0 bytes, and
> hence less than 3 - it is the missing dst field that is allowed to be less
> than 3 bytes in that case, not the std field.

My understanding is that a missing field does not have a length.  Though
I admit that without explicit delimiters, a missing field is difficult
to distinguish from a zero-length field.

> But perhaps that could be clearer.

Perhaps it should say: "except that dst can be missing".

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