[tz] DST Change in Egypt April from GMT+2 to GMT+3

Paul Goyette paul at whooppee.com
Thu Mar 9 16:59:06 UTC 2023

On Thu, 9 Mar 2023, Brian Inglis via tz wrote:

> Facebook post Google translated:
> - The Council of Ministers approved a draft law regarding the return of the 
> summer time system. The text of the draft law came as follows:
> “From the last Friday of April until the end of the last Thursday of 
> October of each Gregorian year, the legal hour in the Arab Republic of Egypt 
> is the hour according to the time followed, advanced by sixty minutes.”
> which also does not state the times on those dates at which the changes 
> occur!

I read that as "Last Friday in April at 00:00 thru last Thursday in
October at 23:59",  most likely both would be local time.

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