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Brian Inglis via tz wrote in
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 |On 2023-03-08 07:50, Ken Murchison via tz wrote:
 |> Attached is the diff between my working copy and -06.  Comments and \
 |> suggested 
 |> text welcome.
 |Suggest using alternative rather than Daylight Savings Time as under \
 |POSIX Base Definitions 8.3 Other Environment Variables TZ:
 |"std and dst
 |Indicate no less than three, nor more than {TZNAME_MAX}, bytes that \
 |are the 
 |designation for the standard (std) or the alternative (dst -such as \
 |Savings Time) timezone. Only std is required; if dst is missing, then the 
 |alternative time does not apply in this locale."...

I _think_ this is objected by kre and fine-tuning is on the way?
(I am not really looking into this issue.  I never dealt with
these strings, but only ever used identifiers.)

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