[tz] Announcement on changing of standard time for Greenland (Nanoq - ID nr.: 22820029)

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Wed Mar 15 20:04:33 UTC 2023

Thanks for the letter. The current TZDB release (2022g) should be 
correct for timestamps in Greenland until 2024-03-30 since we already 
knew about the 2023 changes, and the next TZDB release (which should be 
out soon) should match your letter's contents completely for timestamps 
into the indefinite future.

We currently have the Ittoqqortoormiit area one hour ahead of Nuuk, 
i.e., Ittoqqortoormiit is UTC -1 during winter and is UTC during summer, 
observing EU-style daylight saving time. If this is incorrect or if 
Ittoqqortoormiit changes its rules, please let us know.

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