[tz] Lebanon DST change internally disputed

Rany Hany rany_hany at riseup.net
Sun Mar 26 18:34:05 UTC 2023

Fortunately, it hasn't deteriorated to that extent yet, so I would say 
that these are the only two options available at the moment. My personal 
theory is that this issue is slightly exaggerated and may be a subtle 
form of protest against the government. I have seen people associate 
"springing forwards" with being "patriotic," which is just ridiculous.

It is somewhat disheartening that one of the last acts of defiance 
available to the people is not complying with this stupid change.

Regarding vital records, I really have no idea. I would hope that they 
store the time along with the UTC offset to avoid any ambiguity, but I 
doubt they do.

On 3/26/23 20:11, Andrea Singletary wrote:
> Do we think the options are restricted to either (a) DST started on 26 
> March, or (b) DST starts on 21 April?

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