[tz] Lebanon DST change reverted

Rany Hany rany_hany at riseup.net
Mon Mar 27 12:11:09 UTC 2023


Yes it should switch to DST (GMT+3) on March 30 at 12AM GMT+2. The 
government statement seems clear to me after more complete media reports 
came out.

Here is a government media source if it is needed to revert this change: 

On 3/27/23 15:03, Andrea Singletary via tz wrote:
> Will 2023c have Asia/Beirut starting DST this year on March 30?
> What does this mean for future years? Wish the cabinet would've 
> clarified that while they were on the subject, as Spring Forward 
> intersects with Ramadan for the next few years...
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