[tz] Proposal to revert 2023b's Lebanon data changes

Rany Hany rany_hany at riseup.net
Mon Mar 27 18:34:40 UTC 2023

This is unfortunately complicated and most hospitals (and organizations 
in general) have not abided by the government's decision. I do not think 
it should be memorialized because that change wasn't even respected by 
the government itself when it comes to storing records on computers.

For example, the Ministry of Finance and Education ignored the 
government's postponing of DST when storing information on computers 
(with the Education ministry ignoring it entirely) and I assume this was 
done by most if not all the government departments. So in a way, 
memorializing this change would actually cause issues NOT solve as old 
records created with an old tzinfo will break.

On 3/27/23 21:25, Andrea Singletary via tz wrote:
> It's important that this be memorialized correctly because the systems that depend on it include health systems that feed vital records databases. A baby born in Beirut at 21:30 UTC on March 27 will be born at 23:30 local Beirut time, and its birthday will be March 27. If we simply revert to version 2023a, that would not sync up with the government, so the baby's birthday might be recorded as 00:30 on March 28 in health system records, which would not align with the government's opinion on the baby's date of birth.

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