[tz] Policy Suggestion: Minimum time period betwen releases

John Sauter John_Sauter at systemeyescomputerstore.com
Mon Mar 27 18:39:36 UTC 2023

On Mon, 2023-03-27 at 21:10 +0300, Ali Al Amine via tz wrote:
> I do agree that it's not IANA's responsibility to push back against
> governments, but that doesn't deny the fact that a lot of governments
> are not well organized and such a decision can happen because two
> people discussed it in some meeting and that became the decision to
> go by (a proof of that is that this is not the first time a thing
> like this happens on this group as Howard said). If you have a way to
> fix every government on earth, then be my guest. Today it's Lebanon,
> tomorrow it'll be another unorganized country that would do the same
> thing, and the same frustrations for people that do not have a say on
> that government (maintainers of this repository and every vendor
> needing to propagate the change because 'asap').
> I do understand that IANA is responsible to keep its databases
> updated at all times, but this specific database has a lot of very
> meaningful implications, and its own limitations with the vendor
> update times. Applying changes on a whim is definitely not the way to
> go because of the possible repercussions.
But it is IANA's responsibility to push back against governments, and
IANA does.  Unfortunately, governments do not generally respond well to
pressure, particularly from those not being governed by them.  That is
why it is important for the people of Lebanon to pressure their

Yes, some governments are not well-organized, but we should still try
to persuade them to mend their ways.  It is better to mount a futile
effort than to give up.

The maintainers who are impacted by time zone changes with little
notice are not my concern--they accepted the burden when they
volunteered.  Similarly, the vendors accepted this as a cost of doing
business.  My concern is for the people of Lebanon who are harmed in
the ways you described in your response to Deborah.
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