[tz] Policy Suggestion: Minimum time period betwen releases

Kim Davies kim.davies at iana.org
Mon Mar 27 21:31:52 UTC 2023

Quoting Robert Elz via tz on Tuesday March 28, 2023:
> The only thing we can do is attempt to educate and influence the decision
> makers, and their advisors, of the impacts of these kinds of actions, and
> attempt to convince them to make considered decisions, with plenty of
> advance notice.

I think this is correct. It is something we've been trying to do in
the background as opportunities have presented themselves. I think the
flurry of activity over the last month or so will inform a useful case
study for future discussions.

My ICANN colleagues in the Middle East have suggested convening a
meeting of responsible policy makers in the region to educate them
on the practicalities of the time zone database and best practices
for future policy making. If this idea comes to fruition hopefully we
can promote knowledge building on sound practices, although sometimes
the government bureaucracy is fully aware but politicians will make
decisions regardless.


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