[tz] Request for Standardization of Kyiv Time Zone Naming

Dmytro Shynkarenko dmytro.shynkarenko at tutorpeers.com
Fri Nov 10 08:47:06 UTC 2023

Dear IANA Team,

I'm reaching out on behalf of our team at Tutorpeers (Tutorpeers.com)

I'm reaching out to address a significant concern related to the naming of
Ukraine's capital in time zone databases. At present, there are two
spellings in use: "Kiev" and "Kyiv." The latter, "Kyiv," is the correct
Ukrainian spelling and pronunciation, which honors the country's
sovereignty and the preferences of its people.

The use of "Kiev," which is derived from the Russian language, has become
increasingly problematic, especially considering Russia's ongoing
aggression against Ukraine. This issue hits close to home for me, not only
because of my Ukrainian roots but also due to the feedback we've received
from our Ukrainian user base. Numerous customers have reached out to us,
expressing discomfort and disapproval of the "Kiev" spelling, given the
current circumstances.

Our platform has taken a clear stance on this issue, and we urge IANA to
consider the implications of language and to update its time zone databases
accordingly. By standardizing the "Kyiv" spelling, we can collectively show
support for the Ukrainian community and respect their cultural and national

After speaking to your colleague Candice Montoya I was pleased to learn
that the spelling change to "Europe/Kyiv" has already been implemented in
the Time Zone Database as of August 2022. This update is much appreciated
and reflects a positive and respectful acknowledgment of the correct naming

However, I've noticed that the previous spelling, "Kiev" still appears in
some instances. Please confirm if this is intended for backward
compatibility with existing systems. And if so, is there a planned timeline
for its eventual deprecation in favor of the updated "Kyiv" spelling?

Understanding the strategy for phasing out the old spelling would be
incredibly helpful for our team and user community as we navigate these
changes and ensure we provide the most current and accurate information.

Thank you once again for your attention to this matter.

Regards, Dmytro
Project Coordinator at Tutorpeers
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