[tz] Error for Chile on September 2023

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Mon Nov 6 22:16:29 UTC 2023

Jacqueline Seron wrote:

> On September 2023, Chile changed the date for DST from September 3rd
> to September 11th.
> I do not see this change in the database.
> See the government webpage that indicated this change
> https://horaoficial.cl/CambioHusoHorario.php

Can you point to the tab, document, or passage from the link you provided that mentions this change?

Both the table on the linked page and the PDF that can be downloaded from it stop at 2021.
The Supreme Decree which is linked from the “Cambio de Horas” tab says:

2. Starting at midnight on the first Saturday of the month of September 2023 and until midnight on the first Saturday of the month of April 2024, the official time will be advanced by 60 minutes.

The first Saturday of September 2023 was the 2nd.

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