[tz] Time zone of Iceland in Africa?

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Fri Nov 10 15:59:07 UTC 2023

Guy Harris wrote:

>>> Why is it mapped to 'Africa/Abidjan'?
>> Since 1970, Iceland has used the same time zone — namely, GMT+0 with
>> no DST — as Côte d’Ivoire (whose capital is Abidjan) and several
>> other African countries.
> But that should not result in tzselect showing Iceland as being in
> Africa rather than in the Atlantic Ocean; that's a bad user
> experience.

I was focusing on what I thought was the OP’s main concern — that the actual tz identifier that covers Iceland is Africa/Abidjan, and not Atlantic/something or Europe/something — and not on the tzselect tool.

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