[tz] Did Greenland abolish daylight saving from 2024 on?

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> (Happily, we don't live in the kind of world where you have to pay interest on it.)

Hush now... don't give any governmental agencies or reps any kind of an idea like this... that is something for sure they would take up and run with...

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On 2023-11-17 19:41:43 (+0800), Robert Elz via tz wrote:
> For absurd reasons, people like to label the time based upon the 
> offset
> (sometimes) and pretend that one offset is the real time, and another 
> is
> a variation, but that's all gibberish.   Unless you're defining LMT as
> being the standard time (and no-one does that any more I think), there 
> is essentially nowhere where there's a "correct" time - and even 
> there, who says that the middle of the night is required to be 00:00 
> and the middle of the day 12:00 - all this is just a human added 
> convention, and as that, humans can modify it however they (maybe we, 
> I might be human) want.

Notably this convention does not apply in e.g. East Africa.  Swahili speakers consider 00:00 to be the time the sun rises.  Around the equator, this happens about six hours after midnight.  Consequently, at
08:00 East Africa Time (UTC+3) it is "two o'clock" in Swahili.

> The label "Daylight Saving Time" is, and always was, propaganda - its 
> intent is to bring forth a notion of "saving" - which is generally 
> thought to be a good thing, whatever is being saved (lives, the 
> planet, species X, ...
> and apparently "daylight" - though daylight neither is, can be, or 
> needs
> to be, saved).   It is all just useful for a semi-literate audience 
> who are
> unable to actually see through the rhetoric.

I've always argued it's more of a daylight "loan" than "saving".  After all, you have to pay back your daylight later the same day.  (Happily, we don't live in the kind of world where you have to pay interest on

> If names are needed (which they're not really) for different UTC 
> offsets in some area, summer/winter time (which is how the division 
> is, very very roughly, generally made) is a much better nomenclature.

I agree with this.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like tilting that windmill is having much of an effect.


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