[tz] tm_isdst: to be or not to be? [WAS: Did Greenland abolish daylight saving from 2024 on?]

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Fri Nov 17 21:18:04 UTC 2023

Guy Harris wrote:

> Are there any people in Ireland who believe that "Daylight Saving
> Time" is observed during the winter?

I’ve always been led to believe that “Daylight Saving Time” (with or without the odious extra ‘s’) is North American and Australian terminology, and that Europeans instead use the term “summer time” to refer to an alternative time standard observed during some period that includes the summer.

Given that, it may not be surprising if Irish writers equate the foreign term “Daylight Saving Time” with whatever time they observe in the summer, regardless of whether that time is “standard.”

The notes in data\europe seem to imply that “summer time” versus “winter time,” or “Irish Standard Time” versus “GMT,” are the terms people in Ireland actually use. Those terms don’t suffer from the ambiguity of “Can Daylight Saving Time be negative?” which is driving this thread.

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