[UA-discuss] Some findings on the level of acceptance of IDNs - particularly in Arabic

Don Hollander don.hollander at icann.org
Thu Apr 16 01:10:35 UTC 2015


SaudiNic has put a huge amount of effort into the development of an
evaluation methodology.  They presented preliminary results at the APTLD
meeting in Oman last year and later in the year publsihed their paper on
the specific methodology.  I think this will be a good paper for the
Monitoring and Measurement Project Group to look at.

Another good source is the EurID/UNESCO report on IDNs.


On 16/04/15 12:59 pm, "Kurt Pritz" <kpritz at thedna.org> wrote:

>Hi Everyone,
>These presentations were forwarded from a conference session in Dubai on
>1-2 April 2015.
>One is a presentation from ICANN on the IDN program and the other is some
>research on the compatibility of Arabic IDNs with various Internet
>They reinforce the need for more work on universal acceptance, especially
>the report by Raed Alfayez of SaudiNIC. While I can get a lot of the
>problem and specific work from the slides, do we think it'd be good to
>have Raed present this material (or are these results already well known)?
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