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I agree with Anthony's conclusions.

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With regards to the full day workshop on the Sunday of the ICANN meeting in Buenos Aires, I would simply suggest that the choice of day is unfortunate.

If the objective is to address the workshop to ICANN regulars, many are still straggling in on Sunday after a long airflight to Argentina.

If the objective is to engage local and regional people who could be instrumental in fixing UA non-resolving problems, Sunday is not a day most of them would dedicate to come to a workshop on something they are most probably unaware of.

I would recommend a 4 hour workshop on the Thursday morning, before the Public Forum, or on the Friday morning, one hour each for the four groups working in the UASG.

If the workshop can take place on a weekday, I can commit to involve the overall network of contacts in LAC that I have access to, and am sure the ICANN LAC
VP (Rodrigo de la Parra) and the ICANN LAC Strategy Group would be interested in assisting this effort.

IMHO we need to bring to the workshop:

- The ISP and Connectivity Community (complaints of UA non-resolving TLDs will
  land up on their call centers.)
- The software development industry clusters and associations, including APPs
  developers and interactive online portal developers and implementers.
- University IT educators
- The IT network equipment industry

Other suggestions on invitees are important.

In addition, and to avoid the workshop having an "exploratory" look and feel, we should be able to present specific instances of non-resolving TLDs as reported by affected registries (e.g.Donuts - problems with home banking online), that have been diagnosed and acted upon all the way to resolution. Two or three examples would suffice, and are essential for clear understanding of what UA is trying to achieve.

Tony Harris

On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 5:22 PM, Don Hollander <don.hollander at icann.org<mailto:don.hollander at icann.org>> wrote:
It only seems like it’s been quiet…

Here’s an update of some of what’s been happening in the UASG world:

·      Project Group Coordinators that have been confirmed so far…

o   Top Line Issues – Brent London

o   Community Outreach – Rich Merdinger and Christian Dawson

o   Internationalisation – Dusan Stojicevic and Dennis Tan

o   Measurement and Monitoring – still to be determined

·      A workshop proposal has been submitted to the IGF.  This is co-sponsored by The DNA and the UASG

·      A workshop proposal has been submitted to the APRIGF (Asia Pacific Regional IGF)

·      The UA Wiki Page has been updated - https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=47255444

·      There has been some discussion on the Community Outreach Project Group mailing list about things that the group can do.   Please continue to make contribution there.

·      An outline for a quarterly newsletter has been established.  We’re currently looking for a couple of case studies.  Please let me know directly if you have some ideas.

Now that three out of the four Project Groups have coordinators these groups will start work on clarifying the scope, coming up with ideas to do in the next twelve months, and starting to work.

We’ve also booked space for a full-day workshop on the Sunday during the ICANN meeting in Buenos Aires.  Please share what you would like in this workshop.


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