[UA-discuss] Some fun UA/EAI cartoons from our friends in Thailand...

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Here’s some feedback we received from the event:

·        ICANN called out the same challenges as our steerco (not surprising). They see UA as everyone’s problem and seek for cooperation from ecosystem.

·        .ASIA has concern with using EAI as user ID, since websites do not accept registration with EAI.

·        There’s a local Thai vendor (ThroughWave) who is partnering with “Wavify” and claimed that their webmail client are successfully support EAI. We should reach out to them.  <http://www.throughwave.co.th>

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There was a gathering convened by THNIC in Bangkok last week to raise awareness of the .thai ccTLD and growing the Internet in the Thai language.  You would have seen an invitation from THNIC last month.

One of the important issues identified, from preliminary reports, is that it will be important to have underlying software available that can support the Thai language – particularly in e-mail.    While testing continues, this does not appear to be widely available.

Here are some short animations that THNIC has developed.


All presentation files from their gathering can be downloaded from

The VDO archive is at

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