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Ron Baione ron.baione at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 3 04:58:30 UTC 2015

This email is to document my criticim and argument against the official "UA symbol" contained in each UA document.  This documentation is not to imply or assume anything about the beliefs or character of those sending the documents, this documentation is not to imply or assume anything about the beliefs or character of the person who created the UA symbol, this documentation is only to document my personal opinion on the symbol's continued inclusion within UA documentation:

I disagree with any picture that implies representing "a face without a mouth" with the words "Universal Acceptance" near such a symbol on UA documents, as that combination, while not related in combination to the important work of the UA group, inadvertantly implies and passively projects anti-free speech undertones, while also implying and projecting that the world is going to universally accept anti-free speech symbols without objection, in combination with word phrases such as "Universal Acceptance", and I further object to any symbol that includes the use of // within any marketing symbol, as is unfortunately more common, the // symbol was used disrespectfully during world war two by bad actors during that war.  There is no place for the // symbol in any organization, company or group, in my humble opinion. 

I ask therefore at this time that the person in charge of the symbolism on UA documentation change, alter or remove the UA symbol from all UA documentation where that symbol is or would be found, past, present and future.  

And I also ask for a response to my previous criticism of the vague "get ready" slogan for the official UA website, an unanswered argument previously submitted by me to this mailing list.


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