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Ron Baione ron.baione at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 5 20:02:37 UTC 2015


Correct, Statement of Work or SOW is a standard, yet vague and poorly thought out term, thought out bu and used by the current U.S. Oligarchy in its contract procurements.  Par for the course for an oligarchy that recently spent 43 million dollars on a gas station and gives bonuses and promotions to federal employees who defecate in the hallways of their work premises.

ICANN should break from its use of the SOW term to one which reflects relevance and intellectual clarity, two concepts oligarchies traditionally oppose in their use of language terms and phrases.  In fact, historical study suggests that one common goal of all oligarchies has been to manipulate language for its own benefit:  unending power via perpetual war.  Let's instead use a more humane phrase, "Document For Recruitment" or "Job Posting Description".  There is no reason why any group within ICANN should feel compelled to adhere to the language mistakes of any oligarchy, let alone the daily embarassment that is this U.S. Oligarchy, especially when this Oligarchy is transitioning its responsibilities to ICANN in the near term, hopefully by next Sepetember.  ICANN should  be confident enough therefore to present its choice of language and symbols which at all times reflect the greatest relevance to the specific task, clarity and
 respect for human rights at all times.

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