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I suggest that someone interested in taking the lead on this initiative engage with these folks (or others) to understand the what’s and how’s of a hackathon, and then get back to the group with the findings.





my two cents



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Here’s my take on the Hackathon idea @ ICANN55:


1) ICANN is a technology conference and there would be few technology conferences of its size held in the region.   

2) I note that ICANN is generally around policies, but there are still a lot of geeks there

3) Some of the folks within ICANN see a Hackathon as an opportunity to raise awareness about ICT generally and provide a focal point for software engineers specifically in the country/region.

4) If this happens, there will be a lot of work to do - because few of us have explicit Hackathon experience, and none, I believe, will have Hackathon experience in Morocco.

5) That said, it would be a nice place to pilot such an activity - and possibly get some results out from it.

6) The next two ICANN meetings are also in what I would call developing ICT communities - Panama and San Juan.   


So, while there may be better venues for more productive results, working to develop a Hackathon in Morocco in conjunction with ICANN55 would be a good thing - for the local ICT community for sure and for UA and for the global geekdom.


My suggestion is that we agree to proceed to the next step with the folks at ICANN and see what they need from us.   Is it technical skills?  Is it prizes?  T-Shirts?  Mentors?  


Your thoughts…





On 7/11/2015, at 1:40 PM, Edmon Chung <edmon at registry.asia> wrote:


IETF sounds like a more appropriate venue.

They already do organize one:  <https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/94/agenda.html> https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/94/agenda.html



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Dear all,

Every event can be a place for Hackathon. There are Hackathons as a side events on school, scientific and education events, on fairs... even as a standalone events.
Crucial questions are:
1. Can we gather programmers on this Hackathon?
It's rather easy to organize Hackathon on IETF meetings... but on ICANN meeting? Don't expect to find programmers among participants of ICANN meetings. We could have some locals, but we need to invest money to bring them there (travel and accommodation support at least). How much is that, roughly?   
2. If we do so, Hackathon will be side event and first of this kind on ICANN meetings. This fact can trigger huge interest among ICANN participants, if we do good work with PR (especially announcing event). Let say - we can handle that well. But - we better have something useful as a result of this Hackathon (good apps or whatever), or it will be complete fiasco. Empty story in PR sense. And right to left writings in Maroko, this is nice idea. So, we need GOOOD programers (money), GOOOD PR campaign (money) and GOOOD results (depends on the money spent on first two things in sentence). And the real question is> How much money we need for this and will ICANN this amount of money?

If they want to pay all that - let's have Hackathon, I am in and volunteering to help.
(Every problem can be solved with the money. If the problem cannot be solved with the money, it can be solved with large amount of money ;) )

My two cents

On 6.11.2015 19:02, Mark Svancarek wrote:

Marrakech as a city for a hackathon makes sense to me, but ICANN 55 as a venue does not.


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That depends on target mission; if the Hackathon goal would be to develop or fix software for right-to-left scripts like Arabic, Marrakech sounds like a good place. If it's something more generic like new gTLDs acceptance, then not.







Em 6 de nov de 2015, à(s) 15:41:000, Mark Svancarek < <mailto:marksv at microsoft.com> marksv at microsoft.com> escreveu:


I do like the idea of a hackathon, but not at ICANN.    These might have been better:


 <http://opensourcebridge.org/> http://opensourcebridge.org/

 <http://conferences.oreilly.com/oscon/open-source-2015> http://conferences.oreilly.com/oscon/open-source-2015


 <http://businessofsoftware.org/> http://businessofsoftware.org/


 <https://www.gala-global.org/conference/gala-annual-conference-2016> https://www.gala-global.org/conference/gala-annual-conference-2016





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Unfortunately, I agree with Ram here.  I want to get excited about how we can accomplish such an event that will achieve some “needle-moving” results.  That said, I’m not sure what we would be “hacking” on yet.  Also agree on the question of ICANN as an event being thee right location for such an effort once-defined.


I suggest we not rush this concept, but continue to have ongoing open discussion regarding it as part of the combined UASG project teams with a goal of defining the event concept by Marrakech.


Thoughts always appreciated,



Richard Merdinger

VP, Domains – GoDaddy

e:  <mailto:rmerdinger at godaddy.com> rmerdinger at godaddy.com

s: richard.merdinger


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I’m skeptical of the success of a hackathon in Marrakesh, or indeed at an ICANN meeting. It needs developers, not policy people to make it successful.


The probability of success will increase if co-located with a more developer friendly meeting, or in a University setting.





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ICANN, through Cyrus Namazi, has raised the idea of supporting a “Hackathon” in conjunction with ICANN55 in Morocco.


A “Hackathon” is where a bunch of geeks gather for a short period of time – one or two days – and code to solve problems.


At the UA Discuss call yesterday there was strong interest in supporting such an event, but we ran out of time to reach any meaningful conclusion.


So, this thread is to instigate discussion, ideas, and volunteers to help drive it forward.


Your thoughts, please….



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