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This is not germane to the universal acceptance topic or charter.

On Nov 11, 2015 9:51 PM, "Ron Baione via UA-discuss" <ua-discuss at icann.org>

> This email is to request comment from Brent and any Apple representatives
> regarding Google Pay being recently invoked by Apple CEO Timothy Cook as
> one of two major "buying and selling" systems within an inevitable cashless
> society, the other being Apple's pay system:
> Timothy stated, "The next generation will not know what money is.". All
> members of UA and ICANN should be brought up to speed on Timothy's
> assertion that learning restrictions will be being applied to ICANN and the
> internet, so that the rest of us can know exactly how such a feat of
> history deletion and restrictions on the learning and conveyance of
> historical knowledge would be logically accomplished in such a short period
> of time. For example:
> 1) Would older generations not be allowed to describe physical money to
> younger generations?
> 2) What date will those conveyance and learning restrictions begin?
> 3) Will UA and ICANN be forced to participate in the deletion of all
> photographs, records and mentions of physical money from the internet?
> 4) Will libraries be forced to discard books that mention or depict
> physical money?
> 5) Will ccwg-accountability have to add language to their proposal for the
> NTIA to resteict future ICANN members from using their connections to Apple
> and Google against other ICANN members they disagree with on a certain
> issues as a future intimidation tactic?
> 6) Is Timothy Cook asserting personal, intellectual control over the next
> generation of people by claiming to know, without any doubt, what they will
> and will not know or be able to learn about at an unspecified time of his
> choosing?
> It is one thing to claim that the next generation will not use physical
> money, but to make such an assertion on what human beings will be aware of
> and learn about in terms of what they can and cannot learn, as Timothy
> made, seems to be a stretch of the imagination. Unless of course, Brent and
> any Apple representatives can fill the rest of us in, respectfully, on the
> vague process alluded to by Timothy Cook today. If the CEO of a major
> corporation can assert what humans can possibly learn about in the future,
> should not such an assertion be at least considered by ICANN's and UA's
> mission of a free and open internet for all?
> Ron
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> > Here’s my take on the Hackathon idea @ ICANN55:
> >
> > 1) ICANN is a technology conference and there would be few technology
> conferences of its size held in the region.
> > 2) I note that ICANN is generally around policies, but there are still a
> lot of geeks there
> ccTLD activities at ICANN are usually of a more technical tone, and ccTLDs
> are the most used domains in the AF region, not gTLDs. Involving the local
> IDN ccTLDs might be key to attract more geeks.
> Rubens
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