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I was more than half way through ICANN learn courses when Jeffrey Dunn updated the courses to be incompatible with my IPad (IOS 6.0 and greater compatibility).  I asked him about what IOS ICANN learn would be compatible with and he claimed he didn't know what the courses were compatible with post-update, then, after deflecting the question until people got annoyed with the conversation, he said he did know.  They key to the delay was that once people get annoyed, they tend to blame the new person rather than the knowledgable veteran, as they purposefully forget how the annoying conversation began.  

The ICANN playbook is the same in every group, it is a tried and true method to get rid of new people who don't "stay quiet" and are accused of being off the "topic", which is what is claimed as most important.  The truth is most people here have other high paying jobs and they don't want to see emails from people they never heard of in their inbox as they try to do those difficult tasks.  And even though there is no current "topic", (someone would have said what the current topic is by now) once someone claims the new person must "stick to the topic", the remaining steps play out as follows:

1) Accuse new person who doesn't stay quiet of spamming
2) Ask who the heck this new person is, affiliation, and then say you never heard of the person
3) Call new person a troll
4) After a few responses, back and forth, accuse the new person of "disruption"
5) Bring Disruptive matter to attention of group chair and ombudsman
6) First warning issued to new person for disruption
7) Second warning issued to new person for disruption
8) 15 day ban for disruption

Right now we are on step 4.  

But think about it, Tim Cook claimed the internet would Universally Accept a cashless society, and an internet group called Universal Acceptance can't find a degree of relevance in his claim to its mission and charter, and he's the biggest Tech CEO on the planet.  Pure irony to replace that interesting discussion with a claim of disrupting a non-existent topic, simply so that the people here with regular jobs don't have to "waste precious time" reading the posts of a so-assumed "nobody".  

Multistakeholderism failure at its worst if you ask me.  If ICANN can't incorporate current new people who talk, then how can ICANN be trusted to incorporate new people who talk after the transition?  ICANN group members want these groups closed off to the public in my opinion, but they can't do that.  Heck if I had a big time job at hoogle I wouldn't want to read this post either, I wouldn't want to comment on Tim Cook.  I understand.  But people shouldn't have signed up for a multistakeholder group if they can't deal with the potential of a new person they never heard of who talks, rather they should go work for a run of the mill corporation, which they already do.  

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