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Rishi Maudhub Rishi.Maudhub at centralnic.com
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Thanks Ram,

As part of the plans for the upcoming year may I suggest a soft event 
schedule with locations and timings. I would encourage timings that 
rotate for the global audience of the group.

Best, Rishi

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On 13/11/2015 21:34, Ram Mohan wrote:
> Folks,
> It’s been a few weeks since the UA group met virtually and in person 
> in Dublin, sustaining the momentum and drive that has made this effort 
> an important and community supported initiative that is going from 
> strength to strength.
> In the next few weeks, I will provide an update of the activities to 
> date, and of the plans that we are making for the upcoming year. In 
> 2016, the UA effort must move from effort to effect, and demonstrate 
> the outcomes of the hard work of the many volunteers contributing.
> I’m updating my 2014 blog post on CircleID on Universal Acceptance 
> [More Problems Crop Up With Universal Acceptance of Top Level Domains 
> <http://www.circleid.com/posts/20140207_more_problems_crop_up_universal_acceptance_of_top_level_domains/>] 
> – Christian Dawson has volunteered to help. *If you have data 
> regarding problems or successes with UA in your TLD, please send me an 
> email.* Brent London is making progress on the Technical topics, and 
> Mark Svancarek is kicking off the metrics component. Rich Merdinger & 
> Christian are focusing on outreach and communications efforts for 
> 2016. Dennis Tan & Dusan Stojicevic are concentrating on the IDN and 
> EAI pieces, an area that overlaps the work that Brent is doing.
> We are planning to kick off 2016 with a face to face meeting on 
> January 14 and 15 in Washington DC, and will take up the kind offer 
> from ICANN to host at their downtown DC offices. As is our norm, there 
> will be an open conference bridge, and the meeting will be recorded. 
> _Those who would like to attend in person should inform Don_ cc’ing me 
> about your intent to attend. The conference room in DC holds about 20 
> people comfortably, and 25 in a stretch.
> As you know, the work we are doing is not possible without your 
> attention, energy and ability. We are grateful for the work you are 
> already doing, and we need more of it in the year coming up.
> Regards,
> Ram
> Chair, UASG
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