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Don Hollander don.hollander at icann.org
Wed Nov 18 05:12:39 UTC 2015

I’m about to send out a meeting invite for a call on Monday @ 23:00 UTC for a re-boot of the M&M program.

The call is set for the ‘traditional’ UA meeting time of UTC 23:00.   

We recognise that this may not be a welcome time for those in Europe or Central Asia (or other parts of the world).

If you would prefer a different time of day, can you let me know directly?

FYI:  Here are the entries from the Budget for M&M:

Measurement & Monitoring


Measurement and Monitoring will identify the areas that the UASG should focus its technical and outreach efforts.  It will also provide some measures of achievements over time.  Funds will cover establishing the evaluation criteria and contracting qualified testers to perform the evaluation.



Email Server & Client Evaluation - Evaluate the 25 largest email service and software providers for their ability to handle EAI and new gTLDs.  For a broad sample of new TLDs (IDNs and ASCII), determine if an account can be created and if mail can be sent and received.  



Mark, Brent


Popular Software - Evaluate the 50 most popular programming and scripting languages and determine their UA Readiness. 


November - March



Popular Websites - Evaluate the 25 most popular websites globally, regionally and nationally and determine their UA Readiness.   Evaluation will include 25 Globally, 25 in each of the five ICANN regions, and 25 in 10 distinct economies who form local UASG.


2015-09-18 – Calculation removed as it was incorrect.


November – June



Popular Browsers - Evaluate the 25 most popular browser & their platforms (browser + operating system) to determine their UA Readiness.  25@$250





Soft Measures - Provide a report from the ICANN Global Survey which focuses specifically on the UA issues and their acceptance by users and registrants





Accessibility - Assess whether there are any inhibiting factors at the routing layer.   A project conducted in association with APNIC Labs



Don in Conjunction with ICANN CTO


Total Measurement and Monitoring




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