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Ram Mohan rmohan at afilias.info
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Dear Siavash,
Nice to hear from you after a long time!

And thank you for the summary of the issues you are experiencing. I'd like
to start cataloging these kinds of issues on the UA page, so that others can
get a sense of the history and also current set of problems.


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Hello Ram,
This is in response to your call for reporting UA problems with new TLDs.
The fact that IDNA2008 is not as yet fully supported by major browsers has
been a big problem for our IDN domain <.بازار> (dotBazaar), xn--mgbab2bd.
Specifically, it seems that the four `deviations' as listed in UNICODE
Technical Standard #46 are lumped together for possible action making it
very difficult to proceed. Of the four, ZWJ does not seem to be needed at
this time, German sz may have a huge backward compatibility problem, but
ZWNJ and Greek final sigma can be implemented (the latter, as far as I know)
without much difficulty. Our problem is with ZWNJ, which is in included in
our ICANN-approved Table.
This is very common in Persian, Urdu and Kurdish, which are among the
languages targeted for this IDN TLD. The only backward compatibility problem
here is with a fairly small number of third-level IDN domains once
registered under IDNA2003 in <ایران.ir>, but this problem was already
foreseen when I was directing .ir and I'm assured by IRNIC now that they're
ready to deal with it when they begin registering under their top-level IDN
ccTLD (ZWNJ is included in their IDN Table). We at dotBazaar, and IRNIC
staff (for <.ایران>), are ready to cooperate with browser people and other
interested parties to solve this problem.
for dotBazaar

On 2015-11-14 01:04, Ram Mohan wrote:
> Folks,
> It’s been a few weeks since the UA group met virtually and in person
> in Dublin, sustaining the momentum and drive that has made this effort
> an important and community supported initiative that is going from
> strength to strength.
> In the next few weeks, I will provide an update of the activities to
> date, and of the plans that we are making for the upcoming year. In
> 2016, the UA effort must move from effort to effect, and demonstrate
> the outcomes of the hard work of the many volunteers contributing.
> I’m updating my 2014 blog post on CircleID on Universal Acceptance
> [More Problems Crop Up With Universal Acceptance of Top Level Domains
> [1]] – Christian Dawson has volunteered to help. IF YOU HAVE DATA
> EMAIL. Brent London is making progress on the Technical topics, and
> Mark Svancarek is kicking off the metrics component. Rich Merdinger &
> Christian are focusing on outreach and communications efforts for
> 2016. Dennis Tan & Dusan Stojicevic are concentrating on the IDN and
> EAI pieces, an area that overlaps the work that Brent is doing.
> We are planning to kick off 2016 with a face to face meeting on
> January 14 and 15 in Washington DC, and will take up the kind offer
> from ICANN to host at their downtown DC offices. As is our norm, there
> will be an open conference bridge, and the meeting will be recorded.
> Those who would like to attend in person should inform Don cc’ing me
> about your intent to attend. The conference room in DC holds about 20
> people comfortably, and 25 in a stretch.
> As you know, the work we are doing is not possible without your
> attention, energy and ability. We are grateful for the work you are
> already doing, and we need more of it in the year coming up.
> Regards,
> Ram
> Chair, UASG
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