[UA-discuss] [UA-International] IDN-as-punycode-encoded-label in Baidu search engine results

Tan Tanaka, Dennis dtantanaka at verisign.com
Tue Nov 24 15:19:46 UTC 2015

Hi Jin,

Perhaps I was not clearly enough in my note. I was referring to the fifth search result on the picture. Note that the URL is “xn—ebr05n.com” instead of ”墨刀.com”. The point is that the a-label should not be displayed to the end user. The application should have identified the label as an IDN and as such transformed it to Unicode. That didn’t happen here.

On your other note, if you can elaborate a plan on how to engage these companies in China, that would be extremely welcome. Could we discuss your high level plan in two weeks from today?


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Hi Gentelmen,

I reckoned the term Dennis used is an IDN.com but all the BAIDU results just took the Chinese key words (the parts that were high-lighted in red)--- it barely has anything to do with domain name. It is really hard to come to the conclusion that BAIDU is supporting IDNs in their search engine.

At present, Baidu is the leading search engine in China but there are still a handful companies providing similar services in China. Therefore, instead of having one or two experts talking to the companies one by one, I suggest we'd better make a combined effort to talk to a group of companies - search engines, mailbox service provider, input methods (for Chinese pinyin), and also some of the smartphone manufacturers. As most of them are competing locally rather than globally, it might works better to start within China, especially when some of the world's biggest player is in absence in China.

I can voluntarily embark on finding out a viable communication channel so that we can have a dialog mechanism in the future.

Best Regards,

On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 1:40 PM, Jiankang Yao <yaojk at cnnic.cn<mailto:yaojk at cnnic.cn>> wrote:

I can help to talk to baidu and forward your message to them.

Jiankang Yao

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Subject: [UA-International] IDN-as-punycode-encoded-label in Baidu search engine results
Often times I hear that IDNs are not indexed by certain search engines. While I know this is not true, the example below doesn’t help my case either (at least not 100%). Here is an example where the IDN I’m looking for is showing up in the first 5 search results on Baidu (see picture below). However, the string is displayed as the punycode-encoded label instead of the corresponding Chinese IDN (i.e. xn--ebr05n.com<http://xn--ebr05n.com>) .

Google and Yandex appear to work as expected. Bing didn’t display the domain name in the results (first two pages).

Is there someone interested (and with the language skills) in taking the action item to reach out to Baidu? This might be in the form of opening a bug ticket to explain the problem (IDN is displayed as punycode-encoded label. Example: xn--ebr05.com<http://xn--ebr05.com>) and what the expected result should have been (IDN displayed as Chinese domain nam. Example: 墨刀.com).

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