[UA-discuss] Possible IETF Hackathon Project

Don Hollander don.hollander at icann.org
Thu Sep 22 18:08:26 UTC 2016

The IETF is regularly running two day Hackathon at its meeting and another is scheduled for its next gathering in Korea later this year.


I’ve prepared the attached draft as a potential project for their Hackathons.


The IETF makes use of many open source tools to run their organisaton.  Registrations, mailing lists, etc.   The tools are NOT UA/EAI ready.   You can’t, for example, register with an IDN email address – I know because I’ve tried.


The IETF is aware of this and would like to remedy the situation.  And, once the tools that they use are made UA/EAI ready, then they will be in the public domain.


The attached is a proposal for either their Hackathon or their Code Sprints.


The goal here is to start small and see how the process might work.  And, of course, get the IETF’s toolsets working.


I would welcome those who are familiar with the IETF or with Hackathon’s or otherwise geeky to review and provide comments by early next week.


I’ll then synthesize comments and submit to the IETF’s Hackathon folks.





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