[UA-discuss] Some universal acceptance problems last 15+ years...

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A very useful insight about inherent bias, and the challenge of overcoming



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This example you provided is a good one - because it demonstrates something
different within the UA which is potential bias by the programmer or user
specifications of the development or IT team against non-COM/NET.

On the one hand, there is the Y2K-like issue where 'VALID' TLDs were hard
coded and caused exceptions due to lack of awareness.  On the other hand
this appears to be that there was awareness of other TLDs.

I have found it particularly challenging to overcome such bias for status
quo as a part of convincing developers that code requires revisiting to
accommodate the new normal.


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On Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 10:50 AM, Ram Mohan <rmohan at afilias.info> wrote:

On Sep 12, 2001, I helped launch the first non 2/3 character TLD, .INFO.
Many of you have heard about how we struggled to get applications,
browsers, web forms and email systems to recognize the world’s first
four-character TLD as a legitimate extension, including my creation of the
Office of the CTO (in a 3 person startup) to get large companies to return
my calls.

Well, 15+ years later, today I was on the website of the Pennsylvania state
government, and filled in my email address (ending in .INFO). I hit submit,
and here is the prompt that came up. I hit OK, and the site accepted my
email and I moved forward with my tasks, but it’s galling that some
programmer _*recently*_ decided that a non 2/3 character TLD based email
address merited a warning message.

Goes to show how long bad habits persist. Also goes to show why the UASG’s
work is important.



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